Kemono Friends R

What's "Kemono Friends R" ?

"Kemono Friends R" is a derivative work of Kemono Friends created by Shukushi Aniki in niconico.
It is based on a derivative character "Tomoe" and an animal girl "Domestic Dog".
Now, you can see works of Kemono Friends R that made by many creaters at video community and illust community and so on.
Would you like to create works of Kemono Friends R too?

Tomoe and Domestic Dog




She is tomboy that is memory loss girl.
She loves animals. So, she takes out the animal picture book she holds and observes them diligently and snuggle with them.
But sometimes she go out of control and perplex Domestic Dog...
She is such a girl, but she is a good girl who can say greetings.

Domestic Dog

Domestic Dog

She is a domestic dog's friends who tour in the park with Tomoe.
She is curious, but sometimes she struggles with a runaway run.
She seems that you are looking for human...?


Promises of celebration

It is promises that for enjoying Kemono Friends R. It made by Shukushi Aniki. (Translated by Bymnet1845)

  • Settings presented by the poster is a one case (example of use).
  • Since the original material is the original material, there is no copyright, so modification is free.
  • Erotic things and depression things are alright.
  • But I am glad to give up cramped elements.

As for the tag to use, "Kemono_Friends_R" or "Tomoe_(Kemono_Friends)" is recommending. Let's use this to make a habitat isolation!
Shukushi Aniki says, "There are the interpretation and the world as many as the number of friends.". So, let's careful with it and have fun!

In addition, it is not recommend to use "Kemono Friends R" and its works for criticism of specific things. Please be careful.


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